• Dan Bassett

positivity etc - Annoying but good.

I've been very quiet recently I know. After the hustle of my last show I've been busy with my day job up in the big smoke and also putting the odd fire out back in Truro. All this and the small matter of my beautiful little family have kept me very busy and away from the paint. Normally I'm a bit like a pressure cooker and need to paint and create as an outlet but I've been training my balls off and 2 or 3 sessions a day on the mat, road and in the gym have left me suitably decompressed. So, I've had very little to say. Until now.

Truth be told, I still wasn't going to post anything. I binned my personal Facebook account in October...What Dorothy thinks about Trump, Nigel thinks about Covid 19 and then some twatty artist is trying to flog spaceman paintings. Nope feck that.

The Corona virus thing is clearly going to have a huge impact upon us, hopefully this is temporary both financially and in terms of health and well being. The reality of the situation is that it could be terrible. Only a muppet would prescribe positivity as a panacea for our current virus related fiscal woes. That said, it's a powerful and often under appreciated tool for self preservation and empowerment.

Just listen to any old dear on Youtubez talking about the Blitz spirit of wartime London and you'll see an example of how people banding together, chin up and determined can get a society through the shit.

positivity. Noun. The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

I'm a bit of a dick, and naturally a weird mix of skeptical bordering on negative and cheerfully optimistic in my outlook. This means that despite the fact that I'm a firm believer in the powers of positivity, the word itself makes me want to puke a little bit and shout FUCK OFF.

For now, I'm still gainfully employed. I hope this doesn't change anytime soon or I'll be swapping my new house for a sofa somewhere or a box. I honestly can't get my mind around what I'd do but I'm painfully aware that some are in a very tight corner right now. Let's be clear, despite my levity I genuinely empathise with those feeling the strongest pinch of the global economic dive.

So, being positive (despite being a negative and egotistical dickhead) got me thinking about what I can do, I suppose the least I can do is offer to collect any groceries required for those self isolating in Truro. Feel free to share or mention this to those elderly or not on Facebook. I'm genuinely not trying to look like some sort of good Samaritan, (in fact i do enjoy appearing somewhat of a git). I shouldn't imagine any bugger will be buying art for the next year or two so I couldn't care less about my social media engagement. But, I'm in Truro for the next week and happy to help if able to do so.

I was hesitant initially about posting this as I assume some will think I'm trying to look good. But I have a rule that If you're doing something for the right reasons it doesn't matter what others think. Those people can suck my balls. Also, I'd much rather look like a dick than imagine some old dear sat at home worrying with no milk or teabags.

No fucking tea. Jesus.