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I've been trying to stay quiet

today I'm hearing that FIFA (The world's most corrupt kissball association, are bad for allowing Russia to play football, albeit under a different name and with no Russian flag. It's a tricky one as in some ways sport goes beyond barriers and can be a bridge, whereas on the other hand, I recently watched a film about the All Blacks when (some of) the players refused to tour to South Africa during Apartheid and had to admire them for putting their values before their playing careers and not playing ball with the racist oppression of Black South Africans or its regime.

So Russia are (rightly?) condemned for invading Ukraine but everyone has lapped up the Winter Olympics despite China committing actual genocide and harvesting organs of Uighur Muslims to order on the black market - or should I say 'The market of colour'.

This last turn of phrase I employ is tongue in cheek and it's almost like I have to give it some context: It seems like everyone is constantly afraid of saying the wrong thing nowadays where a tweet or Facebook post from your pubescent former self can come back and cost you your job but what I'm really getting at is that it seems nowadays it's more important to be say the right thing than it is to do the right thing. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not a racist, sexist, homophobe or anything like that. I fucking hate spiders and I'll admit that I still stereotype Scottish people, footballers and Frenchmen. For that I am truly sorry (not really) But it's still necessary for me to state this (a bit like a racist old person) "I'm not racist BUT...." (but definitely actually not racist OK)

The thing I really should be questioning is whether it brings too much levity to a paragraph referring to an ongoing and officially recognised genocide rather than the miss appropriation (not cultural appropriation so calm down everybody) of a term. See how I mentioned that genocide again, Oh now you see why I did that. Fucking hell I'm good!

Globalisation has us outsourcing our medicine and manufacture to China, You remember the deadly global pandemic that was solved when BOJO needed some good news and then completely disappeared due to Putin (should he get a Nobel peace prize for this?).

Well, the global pandemic (the one that started near the P4 weapons lab the Yanks paid but I wont get into all that) saw our world Governments act almost as one to lock us down and restrict our freedoms, shutting businesses down and killing many through knock on effects. The brave NHS workers the nation clapped for were threatened with the sack for not getting the jabs that they didn't want or need (what would they know eh, they're only medical professionals on C***d wards and the whole time the tests we used to diagnose the virus came with MADE IN CHINA on the boxes.

The West has become weak and totally obsessed with pronouns and progressive politics, Whilst this was and is a tactic driven by Russia and indeed China (Google - Russia, active measures if you don't believe me). It's not that I don't care what pronouns you use, It's just that If You're emailing me about the overdue repairs to my front door, I couldn't give a fuck if you choose to identify as a teapot, just stop being a useless bastard and get the wets in. My door still isn't fixed, but at least I know how and how not to offend the ironically titled 'customer service manager' safely. (The last time I spoke to him I pointed out the irony by saying, he was of no service and couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery. his reply was that he was actually a customer service 'assistant', so that was me told, IT was also coincidently about the limit of his assistance until I told him I'd put his post code into my sat nav and was driving to see him for a chat.

For the record, (another caveat I'm afraid) I'm 100% for equal opportunity and not equity. I also believe that people should get jobs based on merit and that race, sex and sexuality shouldn't be a factor against or for them.

Many idealistic and caring types that I'd label Lefties celebrated when Biden got in while those of us that pointed out that Biden is part of the big green war machine and it was probably worse than a businessman isolationist who says mean things on Twitter and is a bit of a dick and occasionally hilarious.

Since the orange bad man who said nasty things was replaced by the senile geriatric who says nice things We've seen instability worldwide and now Putin, who before was checked by being unable to predict Trump's next move has called Bluff on the West and invaded Ukraine which he says is really Russian but also happens to be (conveniently) abundantly mineral and resource rich. As Farage (another polarising figure) pointed out last week NATO it could be said have crept incrementally closer to to Russia and with the EU and NATO courting Ukraine NATO nukes would have ten minute flight time to Moscow. During the Cuban Missile Crisis I believe the yanks were rightly concerned over the Cuban missiles with a 100 minute flight time.

We are giving weapons and support to Ukraine and presumably hoping Putin won't cite this as an act of war, You know, like when the French sold Exocet missiles to the Argies during the Falklands.

I'm more than skeptical of the mainstream or 'corporate' media and the narratives as You can tell, Right now we are being whipped into a Frenzy with no mention of the 2014 US assisted Coup of the democratically elected Ukrainian leadership to make way for the anti Russian Zalensky. Zalensky, a Ukrainian Jew is also according to Putin a "Neo Nazi" which just goes to show how much they are struggling for new members these days.

Germany today reportedly doubled its defence budget (Germany gets 70% of its gas from them Russia by the way) .

Now we will see what a continent reliant on Russia for energy and China for manufacture that is clearly averse to war in our own backyard does.

Despite decades of interference abroad and relative indifference to wars in Yemen, Armenia, Kurdistan etc Ukraine is deservedly getting our attention. With many on social media and Pub hardmen calling for action the UK Foreign Secretary announced that "The UK Gov fully supports those wishing to travel to defend Ukraine" So I suppose Facebook will be relatively quiet now that they all back it up and deploy, or not. So far there has been no official statement as to the required vaccine status or as to whether Ukraine forces are equal opportunity employers.

Twitter continues to allow the Taliban but not the Orange bad man to use its services, the Fund raising site 'Just Giving' has taken $12 Million from the Canadian Truckers due to them being "associated with violence" despite the BLM political group seemingly not having any apparent association with the violence, looting and riots that occurred at what the Mainstream media referred to as "Mainly peaceful protests" and remaining on the platform.

I’ve not seen much concern for the people of Afghan since it dropped out of the 14 day news cycle. Syria? Nah all good. The deadly pandemic? Nah all good now, old news.

What happens next? Is this the end of Globalism? Or the start? Putin AND Zalensky are both part of the World economic Forum young leaders program, along with Trudeau, who has gone completely nuts and typifies the completely incorrect stereeotype that when you give the left power they become the right.

Anyway, I don't know, I'm just a really, really good looking bloke with a giant massive willy.

All this wordage is just part of the circus going round and round in my little head and it's what leads me to paint the anti social banner paintings, "Fuck this mate" and such like. I'm doing some more at the minute, one of which has a banner saying " Why is it perfectly normal to be a cunt but not acceptable to say it?" I enjoy doing these paintings more than the rest, they take less time, I get to say exactly what I want literally and as they take so little time I get to sell them far cheaper which is also really cool for me as then more people own and enjoy my work. Less money for me to spend on pop and crisps though :/

I know I've said this before but one thing is for sure, there is a narrative and there is also a wedge being driven through society The Russians have sponsored this, the Chinese have done it with academia. Reject shouting triumphantly into the echo chamber, do and say what you think is right, not what is socially acceptable.

PS, if you disagree with me that's cool, I'm not an expert on anything, send me a message any time x Cheers

PPS; Odds on China invading Taiwan? is that why the yanks are not committing to Ukraine?

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