• Dan Bassett

God is dead and I'm too lazy to spellcheck this.

Wolves, Sheep, The obvious. Division, opinion ego.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and for some reason have been reluctant to put onto a page (or a screen to be more precise) what I’ve been so ready to discuss with pretty much everyone I meet.

I think the reason for my hesitancy is two or threefold and that is because a) people have generally made their mind up about something already. b) people rarely change their minds once they’ve made up their mind about something and are even more reluctant to change their minds once they’ve invested in it, c) C IS FOR COOKIES. d) I’m sick of talking about it.

And so I'm not going to mention the thing I’m talking about. There’s seldom any good that comes of it. Whether its Brexit, a racially motivated child grooming epidemic that you can’t mention for fear of sounding all anti ‘religion of peace’, a good old fashion church sex abuse hierarchy complete with Papal cover up, Greta Thunberg skiving off school, sailing to America on a carbon fibre fucking yacht to bang on about the environment and a gang of blokes sailing it home , Leonardo De Capaccino poncing around on his private jet and then preaching about carbon, Football being crap, all the footballers keeling over with heart problems completely coincidentally, Prince Andrew not being a total kiddy fiddler. Epstein suiciding himself, Weapons of Mass destruction. Afghanistan – Now, that is a good one. Back in the news, mass outrage, out of the news cycle, gone again. Where was I? Prince Andrew, blatantly a paedo. Prince Charles - the big eared fucking ponce - and I can call him that because a) I have a big nose And b) he used his influence to protect his mate who was a serial child rapist. Anyway Prince Charles.. yes that’s it, the big eared fuck pollutes the Fal, lives in a castle or two and preaches down the telly box at us telling us we must recycle. Well Charles, I’m sure you don’t have to deal with a pile of empty plastic milk bottles and bean tins drying on the side do you you fucking arsehole.

And yes, I get it, we must all do our bit but it’s a bit much coming from him. I’m inclined to believe that the vast majority of the plastic we ‘recycle’ is non-recyclable (a word I’d have to substitute for something else if I didn’t have autocorrect) and all the shite that goes in the bin IS sorted and therefore recycled where possible.

A friend of mine who is French agrees with me but said he separates cardboard for recycling. I’m not sure if his motive is eco based or because he is a mad French git, I was about to ask him but instead decided to insist it is because he is a mad French git. And by the way before anyone says anything it's still OK to discriminate against the French and Scottish (plus I have DNA from both so I have a get out of jail free card in the year 2025 when I’m outed by the libernazis and have my social credits frozen and am declared an enemy of the state).

So, where the hell was I going with this before I went off on a tangent with my list of top gits, Oh yeah, I was trying to say that basically, whether people are posting for or against Topical issue X, it is generally for the same reasons, albeit with differing ratios of the same motivational factors owing to the differing life experiences, social and political outlook. Facebook in particular is designed to belt feed you things that make you very angry and very happy in order to get you clicking, and guess which one makes you the clickiest eh. Add to the mix the fact that malevolent actors literally employ rows of people to sow dissent adding to the unravelling of the tapestry of our western faux democracy. And this is factual by the way, not a conspiracy theory which is the laziest and most in vogue way to dismiss inconvenient truths.

Left wing people get slagged off for being liberal, idealistic, twats and to be referred to as ‘right wing’ is so firmly in the pejorative (due to the extreme right wing being racist twats) that its unreal even though if we didn’t have a right wing the centre of the left wing would now be the right wing and that the extreme left wing are also complete twats.

It’s harder than hell to have a civil chat about covid or whatever online not least in part because of the limits of online communication. Yes, it’s more personal and expressive than a text message but not infinitely so and therefore things get misinterpreted, egos get dented, and often (we all do it) we end up just trying to win the argument. How many times did you change someone's mind during a Facebook comment thread about Brexit? Not many.

Your mate Bill who goes on about Islam might be a racist or he might be outraged about the grooming scandal that went unchecked nationwide due to fears from coppers that they might look Islamophobic. (also true, and also a really sad state of affairs, or it might be a bit of both. He might be right about the grooming gang scandal AND a complete racist prick.

I may well be a sceptical halfwit and I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff here that will trigger those seeking to be offended (offence is always taken and never given) but it’s clear as day now to see that our media is bought and payed for. For many it’s still too scary to accept that even the beloved BBC is biased and controlled. You already know your newspaper is owned by a billionaire with his own agenda but c’mon man, not the BBC.. The same BBC that knew about Jimmy Saville, the same BBC that doesn’t report on the current mass protests worldwide and today outside 10 Downing Street itself (tens of thousands of people, people who pay the mandatory BBC licence fee for the pleasure of owning a telly box)

Very often the people arguing each side care about the same thing. Those who think we should cripple the economy repeatedly, possibly causing collateral deaths that will likely eclipse the beer flu’s death toll are motivated by their concern for their loved ones, friends and countrymen, which is the same hand of cards that elicites the exact contrary opinion on the subject in someone else.

We haven't yet evolved our grey software much beyond the point where we got hold of a bit of fire and someone accidentally cooked a bit of sabre tooth squirrel and then decided to do a bit of farming. We are social animals but often forget we are animals. Looking at the state of the public in general that much is painfully obvious. Dunbar’s number is a real thing. And we are naturally wary of strangers or people that are different to us, not just due to the threat of violence but due to viruses and disease.

We need the left of the tribe to care for us when we are sick and we need the right of the tribe to protect the borders. We need a common enemy for a society to function and once united against that enemy we are unstoppable. Russia, China, the Globalists and the elite of our own society literally fund the extreme left and the extreme right and play them off against each other knowing that to divide is to conquer, people will refute this it’s the oldest trick in the book and used by every empire ever worth a shilling.

People will tell you that Boris Johnson and co don’t care about you, others will tell you they do have your best interests at heart. What is certain is that career politicians first and foremost have their own interests at heart, because even with the best intentions they require office to do their work and so they care most about being electable when the next electoral cycle begins.

I drove to the shop on the outskirts of London yesterday and there was a big sign saying SHOP SAFELY due to the virus. I thought this was a tad ironic as in the last two years I can personally recall a rape, a sword swinging bloke getting shot dead and a 17-year-old girl getting stabbed to death in that area as London’s knife crime epidemic spiralled out of control, but they are concerned now that I might come to some harm from not obeying social distancing guidelines. Fair enough, if they put the social distancing at 200m joe public might have a cat in hells chance against some stabby fucking asbo in a gang initiation.

I finally decided to write this massive steaming pile of word shit tonight after watching Dr Jordan B Peterson who is a proponent of Christian values and an Islamic scholar discuss ‘Islam and the possibility of peace’ in a courteous and friendly manner. I’d recommend it as an interesting theological discussion albeit not ground-breaking or indeed sensational, but it reminded me of something I find very interesting.

I used to be very atheist in my attitude and hopeful that society would gradually grow more and more secular and non-religious, that kids wouldn’t be told God literally existed and was watching everything you did (like we were told). I thought this would be a good thing but it’s interesting that civilisations don’t get killed, they commit suicide. As we draw nearer to a likely fourth turning more and more people (like I did) reject religion and its seemingly outdated rules but it seems to me that the new gods are the “Isms” the Isms are beyond reproach. If you question the ism you will be scrutinised as an “ist” :Sex-ist, age-ist (to name a couple of the less fruity ones that won't have my cards marked as something other than a male chauvinist pig of less advanced years)

Nietzsche (Fucking hard word to spell for a big nosed bloke that skived off school) famously said “God is dead, we killed him” and while I used to think “Oh well, bad news for supposedly omnipotent beardy cloud dwellers” I can now appreciate what he was on about. I can't pretend to have read much Nietzsche, Thus spoke Zarathustra was a bit too much work for me but I get it. Here we are now a few hundred years later and the old moustachioed genius has been proved right.

So I guess we either unite under the unquestionable ism Gods, avoid the certain and unreversible ecological ruin of the planet earth in 12 years time (thanks AOC) get off planet earth and become post humans where we will be medulla disabled vanilla flavoured ethnically undiscernible space humans OR just take all our problems into fucking space.