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Exhibition. Masculinity. Funny cat videos.

I never intended to write a blog. I still have no intention, at least with regards to it being a regular 'here's my blog' type thing. It is a handy platform for me to dump out some ideas though. My first little foray into London to exhibit is fast approaching.

(12TH SEPT contemporary painting - BRICK LANE GALLERY LONDON)

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and luck with the show. I've actually got the bulk of my painting done in plenty of time, this is a real first for me but isn't down to me being a well oiled painting machine. It's more so that I only have to hang 3/4 pieces and the medium I'm now (for how long I don't know) enjoying. I'm really using a bit of digital tech' with my making. There is something satisfying about using technology in a very crude manner to collage my even cruder biro sketches and painting ideas together. To use a computer effect in an almost painterly fashion amuses me, (Like when you use your iPhone to pass the time on the loo, it's a computer more powerful than the first space missions used and you're watching funny cat videos on it and arguing with strangers on Facebook). There's also some come charm (for me at least) in taking a sketch, onto a phone, onto a computer, onto some paint, back onto a computer, collaged with some other sketches, some photos of some shite that people look at every day and don't see and to wang it all together, then to print it on immaculate paper, completely devoid of relief and texture except the pristine sheen of the printer, and then to take it again and inject some ink, pencil, crayon, whatever else I can lay my hands on and take it back to where it started again..Ish. and then it's finished and behind glass, this again is a bit of a novelty for me having worked purely on canvas for the relatively short time I've been producing. PRODUCING. I like that word, it's almost the enemy but it's just misunderstood. I might change the Facebook page to Dan Bassett produce (currently Dan Bassett painting) as it is refreshingly basic, the main thing that puts me off is the bloody notification that everyone will get announcing it - "Dan Bassett has changed the name of his fucking page again" or words to that effect on your timeline distracting you from the important news about some asshole from Love Island, religion X or how Jeremy Corbyn is or is Jesus/a complete fucking git depending upon the new gods known to us as algorithms.

When I'm painting or making or producing if you will, I'm pretty much the opposite of an organised production line, there's bloody paint everywhere, I'm very often drunk and I'm completely disorganised. But, somehow, fairly often I'm left with something that I'm happy with.

The Tower blocks have been great to work with, They are ugly to look at, old and fucked. They are also homes and former homes, places where people hide secrets and hold dear memories of. That's one of the reasons I'm anthropomorphizing them (clever word alert) and I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit more in London - anyone know a good bodyguard? and taking some more pictures and also seeing how I can apply this to some of the environment around me in Kernow. I think I'm coming up for 5 years now from first picking up a brush and I'm still mega keen. The keenness (actual word?) is largely helped by me not painting when I don't feel like it, and stoked by my brain being the way it is. Anyone that knows me will have an inkling into my mind and has likely endured my random output in conversation, jokes or Facebook posts. Producing art is surely a better way to manifest creative output than Facebook, so I'll keep trying to channel it and fuck with less people and their precious opinions online, it's just so easy though and sometimes I can't help myself, especially in the case of clairvoyants and spirit mediums, the fucking charlatans that they are.

Another little project on my horizon is writing a piece on MASCULINITY for an independent newspaper. Obviously, I'm not a writer. But a large part of my painting has been about masculinity and image and I intend to write about what masculinity means to me. We might be big rufty tufty types who've done all the typical macho stuff but since having kids I do get the occasional bit of dust in my eye when watching a sad film. It can be difficult for us chaps to express ourselves (Please don't read that as false modesty on my account, we all know I give less fucks than most lads in that regard) and I think it's much better to spunk out some occasional thoughts into the conversational soup even if your mates will rib you for being a touchy feely wanker. Luckily for me, none of my mates can read (Just joking fellas, fuck you!) Anyway, I'm off to try a cup of tea. Cheers x

PS: below is "Billy" a painting I did from pure pure frustration after being completely pre and misjudged by a shite mum at a soft play area for having the audacity to verbally interrupt her spawn in the act of physically bulling my daughter. It was my first bash at the human form and I used a mirror. Although the whole incident was annoying it served me well in my painting and was a catalyst for all the weird shit I now shit out. I also, no longer take the girls to soft play areas due to the sheer numbers of shit parents absent mindedly flapping their gums, and shovelling in cake, the giant bastards that they are. Sorry for the potty language (I'm really not fucking sorry) x


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