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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I'm not sure I'm that comfortable with the word blog. For me it fetches mental images of teenage superfans with no social life or the type of person that randomly uploads unsolicited youtube reviews of make up. Then again, a few of those gimps are probably bonafide millionaires now because of that. Anyway, some very switched on people told me to get a website, (and despite my gut feeling that social media is pulling website's pants down these days) and due to me not being a genius I've taken heed of good advice although I'll probably be advised not to swear and to sell myself more.

If You're reading this then You now have probably got a good grasp of who I am, and You're actually (statically speaking) quite likely to be either my wife or my mum being very supportive and having a look at my new website (thanks).

All of my painting and making is experimental, I rarely plan a painting with the exception of a 30 second biro scribble. Recently i decided to try and plan the composition of a piece using my computer to cobble together biro sketches, painted canvas, photographs, and other nonsense and there it was, a digital collage. I was quite surprised as I'd always been a little dismissive of anything digital due to the safety net of being able to undo and redo anything as opposed to real painting where once its fucked it's fucked. But there we go, I am now enjoying digital collage. One of the things that I like is that I'm using real, physical materials, my quick biro sketches and rough brush stroked painting and then it's magicked into a computer and a printer eventually shits it out immaculate, or at least devoid of relief and contour but still rich (albeit apparently) in texture. it's also nice to put some work behind glass in a frame. Anyway, I'm off for a cup of tea. Cheers x

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