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Well, It's been ages since I last uploaded anything here. Two reasons: 1) I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. 2) I'm forgetful and lazy which is a great combination. In the last month I've moved house, which can be best described as an epic omnishambles with some right porkies being told regarding moving in dates. Never mind, we are in now and the girls (and Boris) finally have a nice big place to live in. I still haven't sorted my studio out so painting will have to wait but I'm going to try get on with the garage studio conversion next week if I can. Saying that I've only got one week off in December so I may not get round to it. The other thing I've been upto is training for the fire brigade. I wasn't going to mention it here as it seems a bit "look at me" but I try and be as honest as possible and also I paint from experience and I can see it being an influence on my work. Anyway, they've taken me on as teaboy/fire engine washer with the potential to rise to the important job of sitting on top of the engine shouting "NEENAW" on shouts - at least that's what I told my kids (who rightly said I'm very silly). In all seriousness I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and it'll be nice to have a bit of excitement outside of work as I've missed being involved in the RNLI since moving to Truro. It's always good to be involved in the community. (I know that last bit might seem incompatible with a complete git like me but it's true). I still haven't got around to doing any podcasts or anything but now things are slowing down a bit the new Year is looking good with a few exhibitions and projects on the cards with some great artists and probably another solo show. For now I'll keep sketching and snapping pictures and playing around digitally. The digital stuff is a weird one for people to get their heads around, is it painting, photography or what? It is what it is. I stumbled across it by accident when trying to arrange composition of a piece on my mac. I never expected to produce something I actually liked and I hate replicating anything. i'm definitely not going to spend hours copying my own work from digitally collaged photos and mixed media into wet paint on canvas. I know some would rather that but I've never been bothered about pandering to what people actually want. If i did I'd be painting postcard seascapes with blue skies and fucking dog portraits or not "writing weird shit" on my paintings. I've just redone my Facebook advert for prints for the fourth time. It seems Facebook take a very dim view on swearing, which is ironic considering it doesn't have a problem with all sorts of actual bad stuff like selling our data to the highest bidder or influencing public opinion in favour of it's owner's personal political persuasions and also ironic as Facebook is a giant twat which is also a swearword. I know I'm juvenile in enjoying a swear but personally I agree with Spongebob that swearing is just "sentence enhancers. anyway, I'm pissing off now. Cheers

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