• Dan Bassett

Best laid plans.

Finally, I have a studio space again. This has come at the expense of half the garage, which is a space that you can't get a car in and is just full of junk. By my maths that means I've halved the total garage junk area and therefore must post about it on Facebook like when people pick up some plastic on the beach. I'll sit back and wait for my blue peter badge and subsequent friend requests from green party members.

I've started playing around with the paint again but have mostly been messing around with biros and digital stuffs with Billy the fighter making a reappearance (to be finished).

The digital stuff would never have been something I went for, I fell into it whilst away and trying to figure out composition for a painting by collaging some sketches together. I ended up with a kind of Bob Ross "Happy Accident" situation and have been tinkering with it since. at first I did scratch my chin a bit, is this art? but if a messy bed is art (and I actually do like Tracy Emin) and a shark in a fishtanks of piss or whatever is art, then this is art.

My painting has always been more about trying to say whatever I'm saying than making something thats perfect and aesthetic. I'm sure it would do my work a world of good to spend hours cleaning up, adding detail to pieces but it's just not me, I often don't feel the same on returning to a piece. For me, its a bit like if you start sending someone a text message when you're tired and then come back to it the next day fresh and rested, the message is going to be completely different. And I'm lazy. I won't turn painting into a chore.

I've got some ideas involving new material new materials so I'll put my big boy pants on and hope for the best. fingers crossed for some new stuff.

Looks like I'm going to be exhibiting in London again in September at the 'New Artist Fair' I was going to do this event last year but it clashed with the Brick Lane gallery show. It's nice to be making plans and art again after basically being a busy bugger all winter.

Anyway, that's about it I reckon. Oh, happy Birthday to my dog Boris. No, he doesn't read this but neither does (insert missed, late relative or one year old baby).

Cheers and gone.

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