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being a teasey old bastard...definitely not an over sensitive art wanker

That (above) is probably not a very enticing post title. I should change that really, but then I'll have to change this. And that's why I haven't. So, lets try and focus on good things as opposed to the severe and localised lack of biscuits affecting me right now.

I did plan on going to New York this year, but Instead I've opted for Lelant in October. Lelant is a bit nearer so that's handy. And I'm looking forward to showing in Scarlet's again where it all started for me (shitting a brick, three sheets to the wind) with my debut show. That will be for the month of October and I plan on basically having the PV some time early October DTBC. I will of course be three sheets to the wind again (obviously) but Ive run out of shitty brick feels as not everyone will like your work.

I'm doing the New Artist Fair in Brick Lane London 13-15th Sept 2019 and looking forward to that. I had a wicked time last Sept' in Brick Lane and am looking forward to becoming some sort of dalek who can't navigate stairs once again.

I've always hated people who sport retro cameras and hats. You know the type, basically hipsters. One of my favourite philosophical titbits says that when something about someone really gets under your skin it may be because you recognise it in yourself. Well, I'm enjoying taking pictures and I do have a tache but my tache is because Im a chauvinist pig not a cool cat so there. Also, if this computer autocorrects Tache to *cache one more fucking time I'll go bonkers.

Another gem I come back to says to pay attention to things that irritate you as they are your teachers. So what is my teasy mood teaching me? Well, for a start when I sit here and think objectively it's a great time to be a daniel bassett. So it's fair to say that for a lot of us, we can become too easily distracted by minor discomfort and apparent imperfections. I spent about five minutes writing about a metaphorical gift horse but then it got a bit rapey and hard to explain (trust me). where am I going with this....stick with me:

Basically, I think when I strip it back Im saying that I/we let ourselves be slaves to our thoughts far too easily. Yes, I'm hungry. That's fine, its little reminder from my belly to by chimp brain that I need food at some point in the next two weeks or so. big deal. My monkey brain runs the show far too much despite the fact I'm watching it. I know, it's my monkey brain that makes me get the last word in every time when I'm tired and breaks everything down to threat level and (in)appropriate response. fight or flight etc. As a species we evolved to succeed in small communities, we are tribal and benefit from clearly defined parameters, purpose and a common enemy. We are apes that struggle without purpose and the exorcism of our primal urges, hence we do daft shit like long distance running, and hunting food in our leisure time. We ARE tribal, this seems to be some sort of taboo these days, which I understand as tribalism can encompass the ugliness of racism. but the two aren't inextricably intertwined and even those who would argue to the contrary form their own defacto tribes. I think a lot of people try to be happy, when maybe having purpose/meaning is a better star to steer by, hence the painting about the bowls last week.

When we are mindful, traits that could ordinarily be real weaknesses can be invaluable. I'm naturally hot headed for instance, so (after about 35yrs of being a dickhead) I've learnt to operate reasonably when the proverbial shit is flung into the rotary oscillation device. The reason I'm rambling on about all this is because it's the core of what I paint about, or maybe more accurately its the core of what makes me paint. I definitely benefit from introspection, analysis and self expression. If I'd had any of that as boy or young man I doubt I would have been such a little bugger. But then again, I wouldn't have learned it. It's funny that what you find at the polar opposites of your emotions and urges aren't opposite poles at all, but more accurately seem to be a loose string running right through, you just only seem to notice it at the extremities due to it being exposed.

I've always hated bullies, maybe I merely appreciate fairness. Or maybe I can see the attraction in dominating one's peers and reject it's appeal. My dad apparently gave me some sage advice as a boy when being picked on at school. "If people think you're nuts, they will leave you alone" he told me about his a few years ago and it made a lot of things click into place. Hence the fighter, or Billy as i call him is a common theme with his tatted knuckles and battered face. How do you carry yourself, how do you dress, how polite are you to strangers, if that doesn't interest you what will?

How does the amount of likes on Facebook influence what you post and when you post it, what you create etc. external validation can be useful, and it can be misleading and downright wrong. We are increasingly reliant and involved in social media and its faux universe of bullshit and comparison. The irony of posting this on social media isn't lost on me either.

It's easy to overlook the obvious. how many times have you heard people saying to "stop and smell the roses" it's such a commonplace phrase that nobody takes any notice of it. Take a minute, look, listen, smell, taste, breathe. Maybe do all the above and then post about it on Facebook saying how zen you are with a little namaste emoji?

the reason I cobble these paragraphs together without worrying too much about articulation is that's how I paint and make images. I often start with an idea and it morphs into something else, seemingly unconnected. But there is a connection and it doesn't require justification or a visual segway. If that's the thought process then let it be organic and don't overthink it.

Anyway, I'm off for a cup of tea. Namaste my robins

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