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Always be yourself..and other cliche´s people say but don't mean.

I still think blogs seem a bit narcissistic, but then you try and communicate a couple of things in a spiel and you have to find a photo to go with it (where you don't look like a thumb with two thumbs and a face drawn on the one in the middle) and you know that anything over two lines of words on Facebook and You're pissing in the wind anyway. I think I'll rename it a Blurb. Yes, that will be much better.

The opening of the show in Brick Lane went really well, it was great to see a few familiar faces (sincere thanks to those who came, it meant a lot) in The Big Smoke and to meet some new ones. I rinsed as much free lady petrol as I could from the good people pouring drinks and the more I drank the more I enjoyed the surprise reactions of people asking "what's this about?" - Oh, that one is about getting traitors and throwing them in the sea. "Oh, all traitors?" - No, not their heads, we will put them on spikes. I was polite and friendly and honest as always even if it seems that by mentioning this, I am trying to be sensational. Special Thanks go to my Mum who went all the way to London to see me and my four paintings that she could see in my house, and to the London sect of the Trudgeon contingent (Miss Speartooth included) for the company and the sofa, and to Liam who despite not being energetic enough to get really,really drunk like myself and Ryan, does give a lovely cuddle when woken up

There is still a week or so to run on the show and I'm looking and what and where to aim next. I fell into this show when a friend asked me what my goal was for 2018, I replied that I'd like to try and get on a show in London or something. so that's nice, yeah lovely. Time for a cup of tea. I'm not goal driven with art at all, it doesn't work that way, not for me at least. But I'm also not going to refuse to promote myself and knock on the odd door just to protect my false modesty and ego. i'm quite happy to be told "no thanks, Your stuff isn't for me". If you take up the recorder and start belting out tunes You wouldn't expect everyone to buy your music and painting is no different. Especially if people say "well i quite liked that early stuff you did but not so much this" then you can choose to satisfy others, or yourself.

I think its fair to say quite a few thought I was either taking the piss, or destined for failure when I started painting. This is totally in the shadow of all the support and encouragement shown to me. I'm sure there will be a few people laughing when they hear I'm starting a podcast too. I've fancied making some video for a while now and spoken ad nausium about this but the technical aspect is holding me back. So next up is to get some basic bits and bobs and start experimenting. The internet is an amazing tool for learning and is I think the premier place for education these days.

The Podcast will be loosely based around (but not limited to) Cornwall and its people. We live in such a culturally rich place with tough, passionate and wild people and I'd like to capture and share a bit of that. I'm interested in exploring the highs and lows of our Bi Polar region and the people who call it home. I fucking love Cornwall. Funnily enough, I mentioned the podcast to my sister and the first thing she asked was if there would be swearing allowed. "Piss off" I (hilariously and truthfully) said. In all seriousness I think I'll keep the swearing to a minimum. My first thought for a title was "face for radio podcast" but some crafty and no doubt hilarious shagger has already coined it so I'm going with either "wesson?" or "World famous in Cornwall" or some kind of combination. Audio or video? Audio will be easier than video. Audio won't show off our beautiful scenery, video will put some people off going on camera...I'm leaning towards audio as it is easier obviously but also because I really enjoy making the most of otherwise dead time travelling etc by listening to a podcast. Maybe I'll start on audio and move across with technical experience. Whatever media vehicle employed it will also involve me being a proper tuss and having a laugh and I'm looking forward to it. It'll be great to speak to fishermen, sportsmen and women, community leaders and volunteers freely without an agenda.

I can assure everyone that there will be no live feeds of static citrus fruits but there may be lemons struck with frying pans. If anyone has any technical/editting skills and wants to get involved then slide into the DMs innit (that means give me a shout in Oik).

Oh, the first rough draft of the masculinity written piece has gone off. I'll share that in the near future. FACT HUNT: You have twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. I'm not double checking that as Sam Harris said it.

Cheers and gone, bye, bye bye, See you, Yeah see you later. Cheers, Bye

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