The adventures of dan bassett

Self taught, Dan draws his inspiration from daily life and the things seen and heard around him. Living a colourful life including Military service, mexican stand offs with Somali pirates and fighting in a cage, Dan has a unique outlook for an artist. This life experience is now juxtaposed with being a father of two little girls.

Dan makes images from traditional techniques and modern technology in an experimental fashion. Reoccurring themes: Masculinity, ego, self and heritage.

Dan has shown at Salthouse Gallery and Scarlet's St. Ives, Brick Lane Gallery London and The New artist fair London.

The only man alive to jump off St Ives Pier at low tide


A bit about me.

Dan Bassett

I was fortunate to grow up in St Ives, a Cornish fishing town with a large artist community that seemed the norm. We had money, and then we had no money, stability and no stability. I'm a peaceful man that enjoys but avoids fighting. 

I started painting for something to do and it morphed into a way to explore my introspective nature and what is around me. I enjoy scribbling drunken commentary from inside my own thoughts and conversations overheard around me. My aim isn't to churn out postcard art that is widely tolerated but to to produce work that resonates with someone and is loved. 

I didn't go to art school and I could do with swearing a bit less apparently. 

I am embracing the opportunities that come to me in this brief, beautiful and sometimes hard life however chad that sounds.


"Try not to be a bastard, stop worshipping idiots and don't listen to the telly,                                   its just entertainment"


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